1. Such special times. Some of the pictures are reminiscent of one’s of Paul with our granddaughters. The one with the stickers seems to be an essential part of the grandchild and grandpa relationship. Paul’s included stickers all over his glasses because he thought they would limit the nu ber of stickers. Not at all.

  2. Beautiful video, Rae is growing up so fast, and you can tell she’s the apple of her Pop’s eye! Special memories <3

  3. This is an awesome gift you’ve given them both. I’m sure they will treasure it for decades to come 🙂

  4. I loved my grandpa too, just like Rae loves Keith. My grandpa put me in a wagon and he pulled me to the grocery store about 8 city blocks away. He didn’t have a car so he took the wagon. He held my hand as we slowly walked home, me with candy he bought me. Grandpa’s are special.

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