Do you remember?

Chesty was my sewing buddy … always in the sewing room, the longarm room, and posing in front of my quilts in photos.

Finn is more of a challenge and in Tampa, if he was in the sewing room with me he needed to be in the crate. Not a problem for him, he’d rather be in the crate and with me than downstairs with Keith. Here at Big Canoe, I’ve been leaving him in the downstairs sitting room that is between the longarm and sewing rooms and for the most part he just sits in the chair and sleeps while I work.

But yesterday while I was quilting he was not happy with the gate between us and no matter how hard I tried to convince him to sit in the chair and wait for me … he kept coming back to the gate. He looked so pathetic!

So I let him in the longarm room with me but told him he had to sit in the chair and stay … and he did. Just like Chesty used to do in Minneapolis when my longarm and desk were downstairs. It’s funny but as he ages he reminds me more and more of my sweet Chesty.


  1. I’m happy to see Finn is settling down, it gives me hope. Our little dog has to be with me all the time, and she is always doing something she shouldn’t. She is only 1 1/2 yrs. I let her in the sewing room with me now but she is still constantly looking for something to chew or eat. I have to be so careful and not drop anything, or let any fabric get anywhere near her. I will be so happy when those things no longer interest her.

  2. Finn is maturing and wants to be with his Momma instead of getting into trouble. Enjoy this new stage in is life.

    • Oh, yes. I remember Chesty. He looked just like our Buddy…who has been gone several years now. Finn is definitely maturing. That longing look through the gate 🥰. No one could resist that. He is so cute.

  3. I remember Chesty well. He was much loved as is Finn. I love all doggies. So Finn stories are always enjoyed. Your log cabin quilt looks great.

  4. Such a cutie. He seems like a very patient puppy. Mine will sit near me too but he’d prefer to walk all over whatever I’m working on first.

  5. I always enjoyed your posts of Chesty and was sad when he passed. I love that Finn is “stepping up to the plate,” and maturing into a great companion.

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