The Map Happy Block quilt is bound. I’d planned to load and quilt a top today but I didn’t have a backing ready for the next two so after finding fabric and piecing those, I decided to get the binding on this one so I could sew it down tonight.

One reason I got a later start was the sunshine. After a return to winter on the weekend when we had temps below freezing and even a dusting of snow, the sun was out today and the temperature got up to 62 and after running out to pick up my mail and packages, I decided to do a quick 2 mile hike. We’ve enjoyed the winter weather but I think I’m ready for spring!


  1. In my world there is no quick 2 mile hike. I take the camera and stop often. But two mile hikes on a sunny day are perfect.

    Love the map happy block. Just perfect.

  2. Really pretty map quilt. I think everyone is ready for spring. We are in south Texas and we are ready for consistent spring weather. Right now it looks like it is starting here with weather in the high 70’s and even 85 yesterday. Trees here aren’t blooming yet but I hear flowers are coming up at home.

  3. Another nice quilt finish, Mary. I just finished my first happy block quilt. Thanks for the easy to follow pattern. It came together quickly and easily and is a fun finish.

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