Dinner was leftovers tonight … we like to watch House Hunters or Chopped during dinner so the dining room chairs substituted for the sofa and loveseat and then we went downstairs to watch some hockey. I think Finn is wondering where the sofa went! Do you eat dinner in front of the TV? We eat at the table when we have the kids or company here but when it’s just me and Keith, we’re usually watching something on TV. And when Keith is traveling and I’m eating alone, I have my Kindle propped up and am reading at the table!

Adam got home safely (he’s about 2 and a half hours away but through Atlanta traffic which can be VERY bad) and got the furniture inside. I’m always happy when the boys can use our hand me downs! This furniture was here when we bought the house in Big Canoe 2 years ago but it’s still got life left in it.


  1. The recliner love seat looks like a hit.. Still makes the waste not want not in me smile

  2. I’m curious about the beautiful leaves on Keith’s quilt. How did you applique them? Needle-turn? Raw-edge? I’m kind of a fan of pretty leaf shapes, but applique just isn’t among my gifts.

  3. We watch foreign TV and sit in our easy chairs for most meals while camping. At home we have an island with high stools and anything that requires a knife is eaten there. Otherwise it’s in our recliners for everything else. Holiday meals are always eaten at the table though.

  4. Sounds like our house. We eat at the kitchen table and either watch TV or have iPads. We only use our dining room when we have company. Our house is a great room style rambler and I love it. Perfect for a couple in their 70’s. And we will also be getting a new couch and loveseat soon, and we have a granddaughter waiting for our used ones. At least we don’t need to wonder about how to get rid of them. And they are still in good shape.

  5. We did the same thing when we bought this home. We staged our old home with the sofa & loveseat & when it was under contract (and all inspections cleared) we gave the sofa & overstuffed chair to our son, along with the rug. He was thrilled to get it as it hadn’t received a lot of use overall and both were quality items. Then we had major problems finding a sofa for THIS home. Eventually found one with recliners on each end through Naturewood (with zero gravity, lumbar support and adjustable headrests) – expensive but the quality was worth it. We figure this is our last sofa. Funny thing is a few weeks after we got it my husband broke his ankle in the garage and he HAD to have that zero gravity for 6 weeks (it was a bad break). He’s now in a walking boot and doing better. I’ve slept in the recliner overnight several times when my back was bothering me and what a difference….I heal much faster. Buying furniture during a pandemic is not easy at all. The only thing that was great is Facebook Marketplace in our area is a treasure trove for household things (we only buy new for fabric covered items). Our previous home was 900 sq ft and this one is nearly 1500, so we needed quite a few items, and all of those were purchased for almost nothing in comparison to new. One older couple was changing out their furnishings (updating the home & decor) and we bought quite a bit from them. I hate shopping, so this was much easier.

  6. We eat in front of the TV for supper a lot. Dave eats breakfast at the kitchen table every day and mine is usually eaten at my desk. We use the dining room and kitchen tables mostly when the kids are here too. I’m sure they will love having the furniture. We’ve passed along some pieces to our kids too.

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