Goodbye Kayak

I’m not able to get the kayak down off the rack by myself so I have to have Keith come and help me … and then come back to help me get it back up on the rack. Very inconvenient for both of us.

So after a lot of debating back and forth, I decided I’d give up the rack space and just rent a kayak at the marina when I wanted to go. It will be a lot easier and I’ll probably get out there more often. I offered the kayak to Chris who said yes, he wanted it. He picked up the camper today when he helped Adam move the furniture and took the kayak home with him. He stores the camper here in our garage during the winter and keeps it home with him during “camping season”.

Loaded up and ready to go with Chris …


  1. I am aware of why a good kayak should move on if it can’t be used easily. I hope you rent often and love every minute. In earlier days I would have worried about the cost of renting but today I know ease of renting on my body is worth every penny.

  2. I have a 2 piece kayak from LL Bean. Purchased 10 years ago. I am too short to put one on top of the car.. And it is too difficult to plan someone is available to assist. The 2 pieces fit in the back of my small SUV. Sometimes I am able to go after work in the summer. It is easy to wash it down at home. There used to be a middle piece available to make it a 2 person kayak but no longer available. Used gift cards and discounts to purchase online. Wasn’t available in store. Best purchase I ever made. Can explore small, remote area ponds and protected wildlife management areas.

  3. Both of my girls’ and their families love to kayak. But I’ve never tried it. Renting probably will make it easier for you.

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