Nothing but errands, laundry, and packing today. I got 14 quilts washed and ready to take with me to Maine to donate. Finn’s stuff has been gathered and packed too. It’s like traveling with a baby!

I finished pulling yarn, hooks, and needles for the projects I’ll work on while I’m gone. Not everything in this bin will get used but I like to have choices. I’ll be making blankets and scarves.


  1. I would say the car will be much less crowded on the way back but if I remember correctly you pick some quilts up to be quilted. Just leave room for Finn.

  2. We just arrived home from a 4 month trip and now we are unpacking a big RV. I’m tired so I’m giving it a week. Packing for dogs is a big deal with their food, treats, bedding etc.

  3. Isn’t it fun to make the piles of donation quilts, and know they’ll soon be in the hands of someone who will love having a quilt? Safe travels!

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