I’m not complaining but…

It’s been almost 10 months since we moved here full time and stopped going back and forth between Tampa and Big Canoe. I guess I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to pack up and have to squeeze everything in the car.

This was last night BEFORE Keith added his stuff.

It all fit and we’ve still got good visibility through the back and through the passenger side windows. We’ll have some more space coming home because those 14 quilts for donation and the bag of Mom’s quilts take up a lot of room!

When we were still going back and forth between two places I told Keith I wanted one of the storage compartments that fit on the roof of the car but I guess it wouldn’t be worth it for the once or twice a year we’d use it now.

I’ll be walking along the bay for the next month but I did get one more hike in the woods this afternoon. There are new leaves everywhere and soon everything will be green.

Last night I started a simple scarf for the first of my Maine projects. I wanted something that I didn’t even need to look at the pattern once I got started since I’ll be working on it in the car during our 2 day drive. Tonight I might get that last quilt bound …


  1. I think Keith is pretty amazing to pack the way he did! I hope this is a month that he can spend with you and not have to travel.
    Hope your trip is easy going for the three of you.

  2. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey and I’m sure you’ll be sharing lots of photo’s. I’m off to Scotland in May for 4 days – 1st time leaving my City for over 2 years 🙂

  3. Have a wonderful, safe trip. Enjoy having time with your mom & being somewhere else for a while. After 2+ years of this pandemic even a trip to Wally World for me is a treat! Take care

  4. Just made me giggle with memories of trying to get it all in! I am hoping there’s room for Finn in there somewhere!! Have the best time in Maine.

  5. Looks like our car when we pack for only a week away. The dog stuff takes up a lot of the room in our car. And we always need to have room for hubby’s golf clubs. Safe travels, and I am looking forward to pictures from Maine. I have never been there and it looks so beautiful!!! And the lobster…makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Have fun!!

  6. Wishing you safe travels, Mary! Enjoy your time with your mom and viewing a different part of our country.

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