1. Wow, what a drive! I envy you the rain — we in California are in the 3rd year of a severe drought, and its getting really scary. Glad you have lots to do in the car to keep you busy on the trip! Take care….Deb E

  2. We just had two days of constant rain and then it started sprinkling again this evening.. I don’t enjoy driving in the rain much here. Glad your trip has been safe.

  3. Know the drive well. We formerly drove to Buford Georgia 2 or 3 times a year to see our son and his family driving from Connecticut. We would do it in one day and get there exhausted. I am so glad they moved back to Connecticut for a job change. Glad you arrived safely in Allentown PA. Good luck on the drive to Portland, safe travels.

  4. We had rain for two days without stopping, something rare. Glad you had a good safe trip thus far.

  5. Hello from Allentown PA. I hope you had a nice stay. Plenty of thunderstorms last night! Hope you were able to sleep through them.

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