Each in their own way

I try to make up for everything my Mom gave me … I started her quilt journey and I help her with lots of projects and do lots of quilting for her. I typically visit frequently and take her on trips too. She’s a great Mom and I owe her a lot.

Chris is great about helping us out at Big Canoe. He’s about an hour and 15 minutes away and for years has run up there when we’ve needed something. Adam works for the Ritz Carlton and when available, we’re able to get a discounted rate on Marriott hotels through him. He completes a form and we present it at check-in. We’re staying at Marriott hotels both nights on our trip to Maine and have been able to use his discount. It’s nice when kids give back isn’t it?! AND I’m talking about me and the boys!


  1. Family sure can be a blessing! My parents helped us out when we were needing it the most, and we’ve tried to pay it forward to our kids as well. Dave explained that exact thing to both girls and their husbands last weekend – and everyone got very emotional about that conversation.

  2. Love your family pictures! I’m so glad you have your mom and enjoy each other so much and have all these years together! We have lovely children (a son and daughter) and they both do for us just as we do for them — its a real blessing. Enjoy your visit!

  3. You can include you and Keith giving to your all of parents. Not every child gives. Some think they don’t need to. Some are unable to. There are always those that give with love and joy. Both of you qualify. You deserve the little extra special moments to think of the time and love you shared because that will warm your heart all over again.

  4. You are a very giving person. I would rather give than receive and have always been that way. You have a wonderful relationship with your mother and that is special and something to be cherished. I did with my mother as well. Your sons are also wonderful people and you have a great relationship with them. I have 3 kids and I am close to all of them but not one of them inherited my giving spirit. It does bother me at times because at our age, 74, we could use some help now and then. But they all have busy lives and it is what it is. I’m sure I could count on my kids to help in an emergency so that is comforting. My parents never had to ask, I always seemed to know when they needed some help and I was there for them. Times sure have changed.

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