I’m saving this idea!

You’ve seen temperature quilts haven’t you? Each day is represented by a block or patch? My sister Deb making one this year … I lifted this photo from her Facebook page.

I love house quilts and could copy this idea with a little modification … or look what I saw today in my blog reader! A temperature blanket. I’d probably crochet it but wouldn’t it be a great use of leftover yarn? I’m saving this idea too and who knows, maybe one day I’ll make a temperature quilt or blanket.


  1. Those are the cutest little house blocks. I’ve seen some wonderful scrappy quilts done from similar blocks. And I’ve seen some really fun temperature quilts online.

  2. I love the house idea – so cute. I’ve knit a sky scarf, using lace weight yarn – about six colors for the sky color and clouds. It was fun to knit, and I turned it into a cowl that I wear often.

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