A rainy day

We don’t let bad weather upset us when we travel … cold, rainy, or sunny … it doesn’t matter. Today it was mostly rainy. Keith was working downstairs and I was up in the loft area working too. I’m almost done with this crochet blanket.

The weather cleared up some this afternoon and we all got out for a walk.


  1. Join the crowd! We had snow flurries and rain and it’s too darn cold! Glad you are enjoying your time in Maine.

  2. Spring weather is challenging. Just wait for a bit, and it will change!
    Love the colors of your blanket. Keep having fun.

  3. Absolutely love the colors in your afghan! The weather this year is very unpredictable, so I’m glad you have other things to occupy your time. Keep having fun!

  4. Getting away, even when you live in a beautiful place, rejuvinates. Enjoying your travel photos!

  5. Beautiful afghan!! Since I live in the Seattle area rain does not bother me. I actually enjoy it because it gives me an excuse to sew, crochet or whatever indoor activity I want to do. We are having a cold spell right now which is bothering me a bit because we are trying to get yard work done. The plants don’t know whether to come out in full bloom or stay hunkered down for a bit longer. But it is what it is. At my age I am just thankful for everyday I have left, no matter the weather. And thankful my son survived a very critical case of Covid. After 8 months he still has some challenges but is doing very well considering what his body went through. Lots to be thankful for!!! Love seeing your vacation photos!! Finn looks like he is anxious to get the photo session over with and get on with his walk. So cute!!! Enjoy!!!

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