On our own

I dropped Keith at the airport- he’ll be gone all week so Finn and I will be on our own. It’s cloudy today with the possibility of showers but I thought I’d take a chance and head out to the Lobster Shack and Two Lights State Park.

It drizzled on and off but I was able to get lunch and a walk around the park. I had my Kindle with me hoping to sit on the rocks and read but it started raining as I settled in so I’ll have to try that another day.

I’m going to sit and knit a while, then Finn and I will take another walk. The Lightning play at 5pm today so I’ll knit and listen to the game too.


  1. Beautiful scenery. 4 photo’s and Finn is not in any of them – that’s unusual 🙂 🙂

  2. That coastline is rugged and beautiful. I could probably gain 10 pounds if I spent a whole month in Maine because I would indulge in that fresh seafood every day. Yum!!

  3. Please, eat a lobster roll for me…! It sounds just delish! Finn will have you walk it off too.

  4. Loved all your photos in today’s post. Maine is so beautiful. We didn’t spend a lot of time there when we took the cross country trip. We live in Oregon, 90 miles south of Portland. We made the notation that Portland to Portland is quite a trip. Hope to do it again. But, not until gas prices come down. $43 for a tank in our small car, Wow!

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