Quilts donated

Do you remember the big stacks of quilts on the table waiting to be packed in the car? I met Bev from my HeartStrings group for lunch today and passed them off for her to donate. Some of them were group tops that I quilted and bound and some were my own quilts. I’m happy to get them one step closer to being donated.

Lesley commented that Finn wasn’t in any of the photos yesterday from Two Lights Park … I went to the Lobster Shack and the park after dropping Keith off at the airport so Finn wasn’t with me but he got a nice walk when I got home.

I frogged scarf #2 and started over. It’s a very variegated yarn and I wasn’t liking how it was working up in the pattern I chose. I’m not sure this one is going to be any better but it will make a nice warm scarf for someone in need and I’m not going to waste the yarn!

I’m ready to start blanket #2 also … maybe tonight!


  1. I zoomed in on Finn’s photo – he’s sat like “I’m not putting butt on this cold road” 🙂 I love knitting hats with variegated wool but I understand what you mean about the way it’s working. I don’t like some variegated yarns that give a stark repeat pattern, but it’s working out ok with my helix style and using another plain yarn.

  2. I don’t truly appreciate knitted items but I think this one will find someone who loves it. It is sort of between the pink and purple range which has a large group of followers. The kindness and skill in the knitting will make it special for the recipient.

  3. Not sure what the frogged pattern looked like, but I am liking the pattern and colors in this one. Someone will appreciate it and be kept warm!

  4. I think it working up to be a good scarf. I agree with Maureen someone will appreciate it and be kept warm. Finn looks like he thinks it cold there in Maine.

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