Another booster

I was going to wait until we got home to get my 2nd COVID booster but since we’re heading out to Mexico just a week after getting back, I decided I’d get it while we were here in Maine. I spent the afternoon downtown… walking, a little shopping, coffee, and getting my shot.

I stopped in at Dock’s Seafood on the way back to the cottage for a lobster roll and now I’m listening to the Lightning game and knitting. Finn is happy to be curled up at my feet after spending the afternoon alone.

And Keith’s getting home a day earlier than I expected and should arrive around midnight. It’s not unusual for him to tell me the wrong departure or arrival dates but this time it was my error. When I looked back in my calendar, I had him returning tonight.


  1. Sounds like an excellent way to spend a day. I’m hoping to get my booster next week. When Dave traveled all the time, I had a lot of trouble keeping track of when he was actually traveling and sometimes couldn’t remember exactly where he was going.

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