More bad news

Mom hasn’t been feeling well and let me know a couple days ago that she wasn’t going to make the trip to Maine. We’re disappointed of course but understand that she’s not feeling up to it right now.

And then Keith gets home from his trip last night and starts right away with cold symptoms. I brought some home COVID tests with us and had him take one this morning and he’s positive. I knew the risk was higher with him traveling frequently for work again and we’re out and about more although still avoiding crowds. We’re both vaccinated and boosted although I just got my second booster yesterday and he was going to get his this week. Thanks to the vaccine, we’re expecting a milder case and hoping his symptoms don’t go beyond the cold like symptoms he’s already experiencing.

Of course we’ll follow all the CDC recommendations for isolating/mask wearing. He did confirm the positive home test at the urgent care center because he will need documentation of the date of his positive test for the trip to Mexico next month. We’ve decided I’m not going on the trip.

Obviously this will impact what we can do the next 10 days. Luckily, I’ve got plenty to entertain myself.


  1. So glad you have both been vaccinated. I hope it means a mild case for him and none for you! Bummer how this germ keeps messing up our lives. Kinda a good thing your mom was not coming to Maine, under the circumstances. And you are somewhat isolated, can still go outside in beautiful surroundings, and your quilting and knitting and crocheting are perfect for staying low key.

  2. You sound like you are keeping up your spirits with practical planning due to circumstances. Hopefully your mother feels better at home and husband recover quickly. And that you stay well.
    You had planned to be busy on this trip with your portable handcrafts and are able to go for isolated walks on beaches or in parks distancing from others.
    You always adjust to what life throws your way. If you can’t be home, Maine is beautiful from what you have shared.

  3. Such very bad luck Mary. So glad your mum wasn’t with you and you have comfortable surroundings and pastimes for your isolation. Lets hope Keith only has a mild case and recovers quickly.

  4. So sorry about your news. Hoping Keith and your mother both recover quickly. You take care too.

  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear Keith has COVID! Even if you have plenty to keep busy, that kind of puts a pall on your vacation! Hope you stay well and he gets well soon!

  6. I am very sorry to hear about your Mother and Keith. I hope they are on the mend quickly. Take care of yourself and try to make sure you and Keith are well hydrated and have a good rest. I am so sorry about the trip to Mexico.

  7. I am sorry to hear this, especially about Mom. It’s good that Keith was diagnosed quickly and you can take precautions. But it certainly isn’t the trip you had planned on. Praying for a quick return to health for all of you.

  8. Make sure Keith drinks plenty of water. When my husband and I had Covid I drank lots of water and had just a bad cold and was tired. My husband didn’t drink enough water and got much worse than I did. I did all the usual cold treatments that I usually do Zinc, Quercetin and Vitmain C. It did take us about a three weeks to get totally over the symptoms and tiredness hung on for longer. We probably had the delta variant. The other thing my doctor told me to take while we had covid was a daily aspirin to prevent blood clots. Unless of course you are taking fish oil or something that is already thinning the blood.

    What a blessing your mom had already canceled. I hope both she and Keith will feel better soon. And according the the CDC data (published Jan 19, 2022) Keith shouldn’t need to get that 4th shot. His immunity will now be much stronger than the shots can give and lasts longer. Just looking for that silver lining where ever I can find it.

    • This is excellent advice on how to treat the infection to prevent it escalating. So sorry to hear that Kieth and your are not well.

  9. I’m sorry to hear your Mom is not feeling well. Also sorry Keith is sick too. Hopefully his symptoms will be mild. Take care. Hopefully your Mom will feel better quickly. Positive thoughts going out to all.

  10. Hope your mom is feeling well soon.
    I’ve been hearing of so many folks testing positive, but most have mild symptoms. Hopefully if things continue that way, this whole thing will just be a minor nuisance. Fingers crossed everyone in our family is well soon!

  11. So sorry Keith is positive, hopefully he’ll recover quickly. Fingers crossed you don’t get it too. My husband, daughter and I have just got over it; my daughter and I are classed as vulnerable but it wasn’t too bad for very long.
    Hope your mum starts to feel better soon x

  12. sorry your Mom isn’t feeling well–too bad she won’t be able to get to Maine with you all. And I hope your husband only stays with the milder symptoms. Both DH and i got boosted this past thurs. and spent yesterday a bit “under the weather”–but not too bad, mostly tired.
    Too bad you’ll miss the Mexico trip, but better to be on the safe side…it is scarey to hear about cases on the rise once again…we are still masking and pretty much isolating here.
    Take care and stay safe–enjoy your time to quilt…hugs, Julierose

  13. Oh Mary! So sorry to hear this. I hope Keith has a mild case and your mother feels better soon. Back when this whole pandemic started, our doctor told us “it’s not IF you get covid, it’s WHEN you get covid”….meaning we will all get it at some point but we need to avoid it as long as possible to give us time to develop vaccines, ways to treat it, etc. So thankful you have armed yourselves with the vaccines and we have made so much progress in the treatment aspect. I am thankful for the various tips your readers have shared here, especially Nancy. My husband is immunodeficient and I doubt he would survive if he were to get it. (We both are vaccinated and boosted. Aren’t you glad you have your hand work to keep you entertained?! Take care.

  14. Is it still a 10 day isolation? I know that my son in law was told something different, but his official test was negative so it was a moot point. So many different things said and if I catch it I will look up that day’s guidance from the CDC. So sorry your mom is not feeling well and will miss the trip to Maine but hopefully you will get together soon.

    Traveling next week but we will be traveling by car and packing food and drink so gas stations and state rest areas are our major exposure. Our car still has sanitizer wipes, extra masks and hand sanitizer for every stop. My husband uses disposable gloves when he pumps gas and we try not to touch anything without a layer of something protecting us. We were outages and about a few weeks ago and then a new variant. My mask will stay in spite of looks and comments. It doesn’t hurt anyone else and makes me feel better even if it isn’t very effective.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear your mom isn’t feeling well. And hopefully Keith will have very minor symptoms – and that you won’t get it at all. Relaxation and walks on the beach should help him feel better. I must admit I’m a bit nervous about our upcoming trip to Houston in a couple of weeks. But we’re vaccinated and boosted. And I plan to get my second booster next week.

  16. Mary sorry to hear about Keith being positive. Mt twin in Canada, was positive and was told she had to wait 6 months to take the second booster. Is that what they told you for Keith? My Twin and her husband are doing well , both mild to scant symptoms. Thank goodness. Take care.

  17. I am so sorry to hear about Keith. Hopefully he will recover quickly since he is fully vaccinated. Our neighbors, both in their 70’s, just recently recovered from it. They were also fully vaccinated and they both had a mild case. Cases are on the rise and we did recently have a death in our neighborhood due to Covid. He was a very elderly man with preexisting conditions and just could not fight it off, in spite of being vaccinated. I feel this is never going away. Sad!! So sorry about your mother also. I hope she feels better soon!!

  18. Sending hugs to everybody. It seems like getting Covid is indeed a matter of when, not if. I hope your Mom and Keith are soon feeling “all better”. If the Mexico trip is a business trip, I hope that Keith can still go.

  19. Getting sick, catching a cold, virus, flu or COVID can certainly create a setback in our daily lives. Hope that both your husband and mother will be feeling better in the days to come. In the meantime, enjoy your stay in Maine and know that better days are to come that will be filled with great adventures.

  20. I am so sorry your Mom is feeling ill and missing out on this opportunity to travel and be with you for your annual ritual in Maine. Praying she heals quickly!

    Thank God for vaccines and hopefully Keith has a minor covid experience.

    Be well!

  21. So sorry to read about Keith and your mom. Glad Keith has his own TLC nurse in house. Maine is beautiful- please keep sharing photos with us.

  22. I hope everyone has healed and you are all in fine shape. We’ve been vaccinated three times now and we did get back from our trip to the States without coming down with anything, but we were a bit concerned… We are back to staying close to home again…

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