Taking over

Look who’s happy to be taking over Keith’s side of the bed! We’re sleeping in separate rooms (per the CDC guidelines) and yes, that’s my quilt on the bed. We do bring our own sofa and bed quilts with us when we’re here for the month. Makes it more like home and I don’t worry about Finn sleeping/sitting on my quilts when others might not appreciate having an animal on their bedspreads and throws.


  1. He looks quite at home! I do hope your mom and Keith get to feeling better soon. It is worrying that he’s caught Covid even though he’s vaxed and boosted. We did get our second booster a couple of weeks ago. I hear from my cousin, the nurse, that they are working on a combination flu and Covid shot for the Fall. It sounds like we will have to have both vaccines for years to come. Thank Goodness for smart medical people!

  2. Happy Easter! Finn looks happy. I’m sure he likes being able to sleep with you. I hope Keith is feeling better and your Mom too.

  3. He looks very comfortable and so cute. My Karlin does the same thing when my husband Kevin is not sleeping in our bed.

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