We tried

We’d hoped that eating outside at the Lobster Shack would be a substitute for the anniversary dinner we had planned. It was cold and VERY windy … we ate quickly and didn’t linger and now we’re tucked up nice and cozy back at the cottage. We’ll play some Upwords, Keith and Finn will nap, I’ll crochet a while, and then we’ll listen to the Lightning game later tonight.

While it’s disappointing to have the visit with Mom and Kevin canceled along with all the rest of our plans this week, I’m so grateful for the vaccine and booster that have kept Keith from being seriously ill. And I did my second test today and am still negative.


  1. Visits and celebrations can be another day – good news that Keith is getting better 🙂 🙂

  2. The vaccine has been a blessing for many. I’m thankful that Keith is on the mend and that your tests have been negative. Happy Belated Anniversary

  3. So glad to hear that you have apparently escaped getting sick, Mary, and glad to hear that Keith is doing so well. We are back in Oz now, and will schedule our 2nd booster as soon as we can…the infection rates here in NSW are still pretty high, and we sure don’t want to take any chances.

  4. So glad Keith is getting over covid and you’re negative. Myself, my husband and daughter have just got over it; despite having symptoms, I tested negative for 5 days with the lateral flow tests, so I sent off a PCR test and it came back positive! Thankfully, we all had mild doses too thanks to vaccines and boosters.

  5. glad you are negative, glad you can get out doors. take care. we have to get out and trim a tree as we are to get up to 60 mph winds today. I live about 3/4 mile west of El Paso, Texas and 7 miles north of the Mexican border in New Mexico.

  6. we did ours last August and ate in the car! no where neat as good as eating in the red Lobster!

  7. eating outside in maine in april???? not this yankee….LOL…wasn’t it open inside yet?

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