1. I just googled – it’s a Heron – just spent 10 minutes reading about them – now I know more today than I did yesterday 🙂

    • A Great Blue Heron! We have them roosting down the hill from our home, alongside the Sammamish River [Redmond, WA]. Aren’t they majestic? What a great critter cam capture!

  2. According to Google, herons have longer necks, so it appears that you have a heron. What a great capture!

  3. Heron, we saw some just last week in a field in town. I always think of them as only being in or near water but apparently they will wander.

  4. A great blue heron. We have a group that return to nest here in a colony here in British Columbia, Canada.

  5. Wow! That is quite amazing to see that bird walking through! My first thought was Great Blue Heron too. We have a large painting of one (by my cousin’s husband) in the living room and this one sure looks like the bird in the painting. We do not have them around this area.

  6. I don’t believe it is a blue heron because it doesn’t have the face markings and the body seems too long. It is probably a type of crane not a heron. So nice to have though, very cool.

  7. I googled it, too. I’ve seen herons in watery areas near me (western Oregon). Always a nice surprise to see one stalking rodents in a field.

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