One last walk

We packed the car with everything but our overnight bags and the last few items we’re using tonight and in the morning … the kitchen has been emptied and cleaned (that’s Keith’s job!) and late this afternoon we took Finn for one last walk on the beach.

I did one last COVID home test and it’s negative. Since we’re going to stop very briefly in Virginia for an outside visit with Mom on Sunday, I’m not sure if we’ll take two or three days for the drive. It will mostly depend on Keith’s stamina. We’ll either get home late on Sunday or mid-morning on Monday.


  1. Looks like Keith is more lively and has more energy + good to know you are still ‘all clear’ 🙂

  2. Good news about your Covid test. Keith looks like he is feeling better and Finn sure looks happy.

  3. Finn looks like the is enjoying the beach and Keith looks well. Glad you are still negative. Have a safe drive home and enjoy the stop to see your Mom. I am sure that it is bittersweet to leave such a lovely spot, but I am sure you will enjoy being home. I know after I am away for a while I like being home.

  4. Safe Journey! Finn and Keith are having a terrific time. I am glad you got back to Maine this year.

  5. Looks like Finn will miss his beach walks just as much as you and Keith will. Safe travels!

  6. Our little white dog (BF/Cavalier cross, the rescue people thought) is also a great fan of Maine beaches, despite a terrible scare once by a seal. Its great to see your dog enjoying the same treat. Glad to see that your husband is feeling so much better.


  7. Looks like they are having fun. Hope your trip back home is fun and your visit with your Mum is grand. All the best. My Husband and I (and our doggie Harley) went to Elephant Butte Dam and Lake which is 2 hours north of us and we got to see water and lots of Families having fun on the beaches and in the water. (They open the Dam on June 1st to let water into the Rio Grande). (We wanted to see how much water was in the Lake. It is very low). It was great!!! Take care. Carolyn

  8. What a nice final walk. Finn looks like he really loved the place. Please sray healthy and I hope Keith returns to his normal energy levels soon.

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