It was quick

Thirty minutes wasn’t nearly long enough to visit but it was better than nothing.

It was a long two days and we’re all glad to be out of the car and home!

Tomorrow I’ll be running around picking up mail and prescriptions along with unpacking and other errands required after a month away. Hopefully, I’ll get can get back into the sewing room by Wednesday.


  1. 30 minutes was an amazing time and I am glad you had it. I know you are home and get some real rest and relaxation. Here is hoping that the next visit is soon and longer.

  2. Thirty minutes really isn’t long enough. I felt that way when we were at my niece’s wedding. I got to give my brother and sister-in-law a hug but their time was precious and the night went by with very little other interaction. Still, the good memories and the special effort to meet will stay with everyone forever.

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