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When we left GA a month ago the trees were bare and in Maine, the trees were still bare when we left Saturday. It’s so green here now!

It’s also porch season now … Finn gets so excited when we sit on the porch.

I ran my errands today … picking up mail and my prescription, and getting the issues with my voter registration resolved. We have a physical address and a mailing address and the website was not accepting the mailing address and had our status as “inactive”. It’s resolved just in time for the primary elections here. I’ve always voted as an independent and have never voted in the primaries but Georgia is an open primary state so I will take advantage of the opportunity to vote AGAINST some candidates in the Republican primary.

We had a surprise visit from Chris and Rae around dinner time. Rae plays softball and she’d had a practice that was about 30 minutes away so they stopped by for a visit and dinner.

We watched the Lightning lose bad in the first game of the playoffs … I’m not expecting them to make it past this first round but we’ll keep watching and hoping …


  1. My frustration with our local primary choices – bad and worse. Trees we’re just beginning to leaf out in SD. Very green here in Houston when we arrived.

  2. What fun that you had some surprise company for dinner! I imagine Finn likes to see all the outdoor visitors and activity from his porch seat.

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