Blocks are done

I know I just showed a photo of this one but are you impressed that I got the blocks pieced in two days … let’s see how long I can drag out assembling it! You know that’s not my favorite part.

I’ve been keeping up with my walking … the last couple days on the treadmill. While I much prefer walking outside, there are just days that I don’t want to take the time in the afternoon to get outside so I walk at night on the treadmill. Today, I did get outside. It wasn’t a long walk but there were plenty of hills!


  1. Isn’t it amazing – you can walk for 30 minutes on not even use up the calories you had in your last meal! PS like the hourglass quilt

  2. I find the process of piecing to be much more satisfying than a drive to hurry to a finish. It’s all about the making for me. I guess that’s why the PHDs keep piling up!

  3. That is a stunning quilt! The simplicity is inspiring! Now I know what to do with all of my “spare” Ohio Star quarter square triangles. I don’t recall if you said you planned a border, but I think it doesn’t need one.

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