Keeping it woodsy

We bought a new sofa and loveseat before we left for Maine and need to replace the plain rug we have in the living room with something with more color. I know it’s still very neutral looking but it will look great in the room with the stone of the fireplace, the hardwood floors, and trees framed in the windows!

We ordered the 8×10 size so it will take a couple weeks to get here.

I’ve been noticing these flowering bushes since we got home … this one we saw on our walk at the Meadows yesterday.

I’m very ignorant when it comes to flower and tree names so I downloaded the PictureThis app and found out that this is a rhododendron.


  1. I remember seeing these when we went through the mountains, I forgot the name too. They are so pretty.

  2. yep, rhododendron. Beautifully pronounced by Owl in one of the Pooh books. Perhaps it will inspire one of your future quilts.


  3. Love your rug, it’s gorgeous! It’s hard to find any decorative items that aren’t all blues and/or greys. I am the same way with flowers, I know some of the “common” ones-roses, daisies-that’s about it!

  4. Those Rhodies grow all over the area where my H lived as a child in WV. Whole hillsides would be covered by them. Here in OR we have cultivars. Rodies are just about my favorite bushes. Right now ours are all in bloom. Love your photos. I look forward to you blog every day.

  5. Beautiful rug!! I think Rhododendron’s are probably in every landscape in the Seattle area. There are several varieties and some can get HUGE! They need to be deadheaded so we only have one in our yard and it is a small growing variety. But in a previous house we had about a dozen. Very time consuming deadheading all those flowers. Beautiful though!!

  6. beautiful. My hollyhocks and Ice Plants are in bloom here in southern New Mexico.

  7. We get lots of rhododendrons around here and when two bushes are side by side they mix their branches and it looks like a variegated plant. We’ve even noticed that some buds may be dark pink but when they bloom they are almost white with just a light pink ridge… what happened to all that dark pink in the bud?

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