I haven’t used my fabric dies to make flying geese before so I wasn’t sure how easy and accurate it would be. I’m happy to say it’s both … easy and accurate.

I’m using the Blue Wren 6 inch finished quarter square triangle and the Accuquilt 3 inch finished HST dies. I just love having these tables beside my machines. Let’s me set everything up within easy reach and I can just pick up the pieces and sew.

I’ll need 144 flying geese for this quilt and in case you don’t remember … this is where I’m going with these.

I cut all the squares for the geese while I was cutting the hourglass quilt so I just had to dig into the bin with my smaller background pieces for the HSTs and cut those. For the most part the fabric in this bin is larger than what I’d call a scrap but usually less than half a yard. They’re pieces leftover from other quilts.

I debated using a single background fabric like I did with the hourglass quilt but I really do need to use more of my scraps and leftovers. In fact, I shouldn’t allow myself to fabric shop unless I’ve been digging in the scraps because it’s scary just how far they go. You won’t even be able to tell I pulled out fabric for two quilts from this bin by the time I put it all back in.

And in case you’re thinking some of these pieces look larger than what you consider scraps, I have a lot of backing fabric that gets trimmed off of quilts that goes into my scrap bins.


  1. The GO cutter must really save you time prepping for this project. I keep looking at them but don’t have a good location to put one in my sewing room. But I’m very tempted.

  2. I love the look of this quilt. I have a question about the Blue Wren dies. Do they work well and cut as many layers as the GO dies? Are they difficult to run through the GO cutter? Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

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