Bolts win in OT!

I was afraid we’d lose tonight and be out of the playoffs but we won in overtime and game 7 will be Saturday night in Toronto. Go Bolts!

I want to start another blanket but I haven’t woven the ends in on the pink shell blanket so I’m knitting on the scarf I started just before we left Maine during the games …


  1. Hopefully they will advance to the next round. May I suggest finishing up the blanket just in case you need to start a new one for the next round.

  2. Dearest Mary: I used to love in Toronto and went to the old Maple Leaf Gardens. I saw part of the game earlier this week by accident while we were out at Whole Foods having supper. It was in Toronto and they played both National Anthems and I cried Happy tears. Oh how I miss that city .I worked at Toronto General Hospital before moving to El Paso. I grew up with Hockey Night in Canada. So seeing that game was great. SOOO I hope that Toronto Maple Leaf Team wins by a landslide. I know we all have our opinions. I am going to watch that game some how. Enjoy. Carolyn

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