More errands

I don’t like having to run out so often but I’m still making up for being gone a month. There were more errands today but I got my walk in while I was out and had some company for part of it.

I wanted a quick lunch by the lake while I was out too but the snack bar had a sign on the door saying they closed early so I walked over to the pub and ate on the veranda instead.

I did get in a couple hours of sewing after my errands — all the geese are made and I’ve just got 19 blocks left to assemble. I’m loving these geese so much that I’m searching for other quilts to use them in. I’ve got a few drafted that I’ve never made and have found a few other ideas too. I’ve got quilting waiting so I’ll have to decide whether to allow myself one more top after this one or not. I’m tempted to “allow” myself to piece all month without any quilting!


  1. I completely understand the need to keep piecing. I get so focused on getting my ideas done up in fabric that all I do is piece.

  2. Your view from the veranda is spectacular. It looks so relaxing. Our trees are still in the bud stage.

  3. I love the whole act of creativity that goes into making a quilt. After it’s made, I don’t enjoy the quilting near as much. Enjoy yourself making quilts.

  4. Haha, that is exactly what I am doing – piecing only for the whole month. I have one quilt basted ready to do, so if I feel like it, that one might get done. Maybe …

  5. What a gorgeous view! I am so tempted to purchase the dies you used for your flying geese units. I have flying geese phobia.

  6. That would become my favorite lunch view too! So peaceful. I’m in Denver for my nephew’s wedding, and only have handwork with me. So I know when we get home I’ll be just dying to get to my machine and sew something.

  7. great pictures, love the lake and greenery and patio. Thanks. Carolyn

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