Keith took a nap after playing pickleball this morning so I went downstairs and wove the ends in on the pink shell blanket. You can find the pattern free on Ravelry at this link.

Afterwards, I made us some Chicken Waldorf Salad for dinner and then we went to the meadows …. I did my walk

Finn convinced Keith to take him to the dog park while I walked. We took him with us on our walk yesterday but we walked and didn’t play off leash … he knows exactly which path leads to the dog park and gets pretty determined NOT to walk past it.


  1. Oh my goodness, you could see Finn’s head come up when he heard the words “dog park”. Funny! Dogs are so smart.

  2. I’m making one similar to this pink blanket. It’s a tighter weave and getting heavy. I started with 186 ch, I think. Yours is beautiful, that pink is so pretty. Finn is a smart dog!

  3. Love the pink shell blanket, it looks so soft and cuddly. It’s funny how dogs know where they want to go and there’s no other way. LOL

  4. Lol, Finn is very determined to get his way, just like our little dog. Your afghan is so pretty. Beautiful shade of pink.

  5. Oh my! Finn is too funny how he decided he should go to the dog park! First they steal our hearts and then do their best to get their way! Thanks for sharing! Finn’s such a cutie!

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