A new blanket

I started a new blanket the other night after weaving the ends in on the Pink Shell blanket. This is also a free pattern found on Ravelry that I’ve made a couple times. This is the same stitch as the Linen Stitch that I love so much.

The way the rounds are done, the square is a little skewed but that doesn’t bother me in this Caron Big Cakes yarn. I only have a couple skeins and it’s a square blanket … these are not your typical baby colors but I still like them and someone I’m sure will be grateful to get it.


  1. Mary…This is very nice both in pattern and in color. Very nice. Thanks for link to pattern. Carolyn

  2. Oooh, I really like the colors and the stich style, people are using non typical colors for babies now. My daughter painted the nursery gray, with a theme of elephants. It is adorable.

  3. Typical baby colors? I have some navy and 3 shades of gray. One acid green, brown and aqua. I made one that is horse coat colors. No such thing as baby colors anymore.

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