Simple sewing

I wanted something simple to sew today so I dug in the project bin with the kits/projects I’d put together in January and pulled one for a Happy Block quilt. Just 3 fabrics in this one which makes it quick and easy to sew. The blocks are finished and I’ll assemble the top tomorrow.

I also got out for a 2 mile walk.

Round 2 of the playoffs begin to tonight so I’ll watch Game 1 and work on my crochet blanket. Go Bolts!


  1. I like the colors in your happy blocks. Just waiting to see the final results which I am sure will be just as pretty.

  2. These are terrific colors. I have a project box with Happy Blocks started. The pieces are all cut and about 8 of them are sewn. This reminds me that it wouldn’t take long to finish them up.

  3. I envy you that lovely walking area; we would have to drive a long way to find such a place. But we do have two boardwalks along beaches which are lovely this time of year, too…
    hugs, Julierose

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