Ravelry Queue

I save all kinds of projects in my Ravelry queue but maybe I don’t look through it often enough. I saw a link to a knit cowl that I like on Pinterest tonight and when I went to Ravelry to look it up I found it’s been in my queue since 2016!! Maybe 2022 will be the year it gets made. If you want to check it out … here’s the link.


  1. I started quilting in 2007 and bought patterns I loved and found that I go back now and find almost half of them I haven’t done. See you aren’t even close to my level of glitter chasing.

  2. That Nice Stitch is a lovely pattern and easy to memorize. I like that you can essentially make it any length you’d like. The butterflies are very pretty

  3. It’s pretty for sure. I just found some quilting patterns I’ve had for ages and now I’m planning on what fabrics to use for them.

  4. Yeah, that one’s been in my queue for a few years too…. I very seldom knit cowls, but I saved it for the stitch pattern more than anything else.

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