Not bad for leftovers

It’s not Monday … but after my rest this afternoon I decided I’d come down and sew when Keith went to bed. I finished assembling the Blue/Green Squares – It’s a simple quilt but not bad for leftovers.

I have so much fun with our HeartStrings monthly challenges … I was in Maine in April when Stephanie pulled leftovers out of the hat so I’m catching up. I had leftover pieces of fat quarters from this quilt I finished last year.


  1. The blues and greens are beautiful- and if these are leftovers- bring it on! Always so satisfying to make something out of “nothing”. And yes- Finn is so gosh darn cute! He always looks so much younger after a trim. Does that work for humans as well? 🙂

  2. Good morning Mary. Today is the first view I’ve had of your walk and stop quilt. I love it , and the leftovers have made a very sweet quilt. Did yoou put any notes on file for the Walk and stop quilt? I thought that would be a good one for my daughter’s cottage.

  3. Really pretty quilt using leftovers and I read your previous post and I also use flannel on baby quilts. I don’t pre-wash and everything comes out just great.

  4. It really is a beauty, in spite of being leftovers. Those are always soothing colors.

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