A good day

The Lightning won today and are ahead 3 games to 0 in the second round of the playoffs.

I got my walk in at the Meadows and when we got home Keith hung my Mother’s Day present from Adam – I showed you the drawings he did on his last visit … he took them home and redid them all the same size and framed them for me. I know they’re silly but I love them and put them downstairs in my nook by the dinosaur Caleb made for me.

I finished the moss stitch in a square crochet blanket today during the game and now it just needs the ends woven in. The scarf I’m knitting is close to being done too … I might even get it finished tonight? That means I’ll get to start a new quilt, a new crochet blanket, AND a new scarf this week. Starting new projects is always fun for me.


  1. I love the drawings…very clever and well done. A terrific gift from a thoughtful son.

  2. Such wonderful gifts from your son and grandson!!! Handmade gifts are the best treasures!

  3. Mary, I love the drawings, and Caleb’s dino. These are the precious things in life,

  4. I love your little dinosaur corner. It’s full of things to remind you of the people you love.

  5. The drawings Adam Made are really nice! So original. The dino is wonderful too. How talented they both are. No one else has these. Just like your scrap quilts, originals.

  6. It is a sweet Dinosaur Corner. You are sooo productive and so amazing.

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