1. I love meatloaf too. The other day I made the best meatloaf using some stuff leftover from a Mexican meal. I added in the diced tomatoes and a couple tablespoons of Rotel with some crackers, egg, onion and milk and it was fantastic. I add ketsup with brown sugar over the whole top. Yours looks delicious. And Keith has quite a plate full too so it must be delicious.

  2. Looks like a very happy man! Today bought 3 lbs. of 93/7 so I should make that. Share your recipe if you have a chance. Thanx👍

  3. Oh Mary! That looks delicious! I’d love the recipe. Sorry that you’ve moved to Georgia before we ever got to meet but Covid didn’t help. Still love reading your blog every time you post! Your Canadian friend Cheryl

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