Jelly Rolls

Stephanie pulled Jelly Rolls out of the hat for our June precut and I’m getting an early start. This is a kit from BluPrint that I’ve had for a few years.

I didn’t get down to sew until the evening after Keith and Finn went to bed. I had to get Finn to the vet for a teeth cleaning and then run back to get him. He was in a daze most of the afternoon/evening when he got home. Keith is the one up in the morning feeding Finn so I left him a big note so he wouldn’t forget and feed him this morning.

Cuddled up with Mom afterwards.


  1. He looks so sad. I am sure he perked back up, but it is a hard thing for him to go through. It is hard on us to. I think it is harder on the smaller dogs.

  2. First and foremost, love the quilt.

    Finn does look miserable but I am convinced that they have that look woven into their DNA to pull out as desired to make us slow down and pay attention. I actually am so very happy that you do that regularly because if I were going to make a PSA about pet health dental hygiene would be in the top 3 topics.

  3. I hate that dogs have to be put to sleep while getting their teeth cleaned. My beagle is due that soon. Your quilt is going to be beautiful, the fabrics are such a clear color.

  4. Love the layout of the ombre quilt. I have some of those ombre strips. I will try this pattern

    My dog needs a teeth cleaning. But, the Vet wants > $600. Ouch!


  5. Poor Finn. All that, just for a teeth cleaning… My doggie has had it too and it is something they have to live with.

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