I started a new project a couple days ago – the knit cowl I blogged about a week or so ago. It has a provisional cast on with waste yarn … and I’ve only done that once I think and that was years ago. I found a video that showed me how to do it …

But there was NO WAY I was going to knit this whole project without knowing that I could get those stitches back live when it was time to cast off so I figured I could unravel my cast on edge and put them on a cable. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t waste any more time with the knitting.

I’m not sure I did it exactly right … but I think I’m OK and I’m going to continue on. When I’m ready to join the ends, I’ll just put one needle back on the cable …. Of course I’ll have to look up the Kitchener Stitch too because I haven’t done that in years either but I did it when I was knitting socks and I’m sure that part will be easy enough.


  1. Pretty color choice for your “Nice Stitch”! I have to look up the Kitchener stitch every time I use it- guess that’s why the internet was invented 🙂

  2. Mary, you were talking in another language today to me. I only know a few terms when it comes to knitting. But I do like that yarn color, this will be so pretty.

  3. My favorite provisional cast on, especially if I’ll be working in the round, is the COWYAK method from the TECHknitting blog. You do a normal long-tail cast on with your waste yarn, and knit a couple of rows with the waste yarn, then switch to your project yarn. The advantage is that your tension has been established, and that first row with the project yarn is nice and even. To remove the waste yarn, work from the wrong side and pull out the waste yarn stitch by stitch, placing the live stitches on the needle one by one. Also, if you’re casting on lots of stitches in the round, it’s easier to be sure they’re not twisted.

  4. Sounds complicated, but I feel certain you’ll get it figured out. I look forward to seeing/hearing how it goes.

  5. That is going to be a very pretty one! Funny, I had never heard of the Kitchener stitch but someone on another blog I follow also had to that recently. She had not done it for years either. Hers went well so I’m sure you will also be able to do it. Looked complicated to me but then I am not a very experienced knitter. Beautiful yarn!!

  6. You’ve got this! The yarn is very beautiful and the stitch pattern lovely. Hope you post a pic when you have finished.

  7. Lovely yarn! And the stitch pattern is very pretty. Love to see the piece when you have finished it/

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