Memorial Day

Remembering with gratitude all those who served and gave their lives for this country. It distresses me to think where we are now as a country – so much gun violence, women unable to receive the care they need, racial injustice … change won’t come as quickly as I’d like but hopefully prayers and votes will move us forward.

My holiday was spent quietly with Keith.


  1. This early morning as I was walking my dogs, I thought of Vietnam, the war in which my brother and husband served. I remember watching the coffins coming off the planes and seeing the live action on TV each night. I prayed they wouldn’t get hurt, but of course they did. Physically and mentally. I was thinking that I used to say “Happy Memorial Day” to people and how I’d never say it again, especially with memories of this latest school shooting. Yes, I’m so grateful for the veterans but I hate that so many of our youth go overseas and die just to protect big business interests. Being in Vietnam didn’t do any good at all. I’m glad you had a peaceful day with your husband as I had with mine.

  2. I can only echo your thoughts. I never thought I would see anything but forward movement for women’s rights and not what we have now. We had a quiet day here as well.

  3. Mary, eloquent as usual! I forwarded your post to my kids. Thank you for being there!

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