Do you have a Quilt style?

I was looking at the tops I’d made in May and wondered … do you have a quilt style? My “style” seems to be all over the place! My personal favorites are scrap quilts but I make many quilts for donation so I also make a lot of precut quilts (especially from fat quarters and jelly rolls), string quilts, and quick and easy quilts from yardage.

I was happy to be back in the sewing room in May after being in Maine for April and now after two months without quilting … I’m looking forward to my quilting marathon.

Here are May’s tops.


  1. Mary, I am essentially a scrap quilter, although I do make some quilts from yardage, and occasionally from pre cuts. Recently someone gave me a layer cake they decided wasn’t for them and I made a throw size top and still have some pieces left to make another small quilt. I guess I am all over the place, as well

  2. You make pretty quilts no matter what style you are using. I like scrappy quilts too! I the beginning of my quilting journey I bought large cut of fabric and lots of charm packs. Now I find I buy 1/2 yard cuts of fabric because they fit what I like to make better, or 1 yard cuts if I am make a 3 yard quilt. I have a lot of charm packs to use up, oh well, some more quilts using charm packs are in my future.

  3. Of course I prefer scrappy. It’s hard for me to work with a specific set of fabrics for an entire quilt. I clipped a magazine article about quilting style referring to traditional, contemporary, and modern. That can refer to fabric choices and/or design choices. I’m pretty much contemporary/traditional but I’ve cautiously tried some modern.

  4. Scrappy, for sure. I clipped a magazine article about style in terms of traditional, contemporary, and modern. I’m contemporary/traditional but I’m cautiously trying some modern.

  5. I don’t think I have a style, but I do know I prefer making quilts with precuts, any kind of precuts. I shy away from too many HST. I love color, that is what attracts me to a quilt, even if it’s completely a neutral color. I like making a variety of quilts, but I’m careful about scrap quilts. Sometimes they just don’t look too pretty to me. So maybe I like organized color scrap quilts? I love all your quilts, I’ve never seen one I didn’t think was great.

  6. My quilt style is totally undefined. Sometimes I want to paperpiece a bird or an intricate design. Sometimes it is scrappy pulling from a box next to me to use up strips and/or squares. Scrappy almost always means HSTs. I make tons of your quick stippies because they are easy and make people happy. I also love to makers edge appliqué. Can’t live without panels wrapped in tons of borders. I guess I am saying quick is my style no matter how I get there.

  7. I think I’m a “stash quilter.” I generally look into my collection of various-size fabrics and find a pattern to suit. I’m also averse to complicated patterns. Give me a nice, simple geometic pattern that will give my fabric a way to shine, and I’m happy. As far as style, I’m all over the map, too. For a long time I lived squarely in the Civil War era, but lately (the last 5 years) I’ve been using solids and more modern fabrics and patterns, and I like the variety. So…I guess I have no style at all!

  8. I never thought I had a style but then my friends said they could pick out my quilts easily at a quilt show without reading the tags. I am really all over the place in fabric with flannels, bright prints, plaids, African, Australian and many more.

  9. Yes, Mary. I seem to have a style. Traditional, with reproduction or other fabrics, most often on a white background, with a simple binding, and one piece backing. I’m not nearly as productive as you, so can afford to buy enough fabric for backings to not be pieced! I enjoy your blog and photos. Thank You!

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