The Dino 9 patch is quilted. It’s #2 of the 12+ tops I want to get quilted by the end of July.

Pantograph is Stegosaurus… it’s really cute but you can see it better from the back.

I also got both this one and the Strippie from yesterday trimmed, the bindings made and machine stitched on ready for hand stitching. After crawling around on the floor to trim the Strippie (on bruised knees from a fall when we were hiking on Monday) I thought that maybe I’d set up my table for trimming all these quilts over the next few weeks … and then realized, I should just use the longarm table. Duh!

Keith took me out to dinner tonight for my birthday but the real fun starts at dinner tomorrow … we’re meeting the boys and our little ones and Mo will come back with us for a couple nights. Chris, Becky, and Rae are coming on Sunday for a visit too but Mo’s excited about coming for a sleepover all by herself.

I won’t have much sewing time the next few days but I’m going to sit here tonight and get the binding stitched down on one!


  1. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Best gift of all is dinner with children and grandchildren. It’s so great you moved to Georgia.
    So sorry you injured your knees in a fall, but trimming a quilt, or doing any work on your knees is never a good idea. Take special care of yourself!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! It is wonderful that the family is there to help you celebrate. Your posted quilts are always an inspiration for me to give back to our community services.

  3. That’s a fun quilt! I love seeing all the different designs you make.
    Have an enjoyable time celebrating your birthday with your family!

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner with the family. I hope you, Keith and Mo have a wonderful weekend. Spending time with the grandkids is the best. We have rented a house at the NJ shore for the last two weeks of June for the last 6 years. Our daughter husband and 2 daughters join us. I get grandma time 24/7 during that time and I love it.

  5. Time with wee ones is so much fun. Happy birthday! I had my husband cut one of my old cutting mats into two pieces that I put on my ironing table when I need to trim quilts after quilting. My cutting table is never clear enough to manage all that bulk. It has worked nicely. Sometimes the mats slide apart a bit but so worth it!

  6. Love the dino quilt! I am involved in a quilting ministry at my church and this would be a good one to add to our lineup. Do you have the pattern details somewhere on your site? I did a quick look and couldn’t find it. Happy birthday and enjoy your family time!

  7. Love your fun quilts!
    And happy birthday! Enjoy your time with your family. Mo is absolutely adorable. I’m sure you’ll have fun with her.

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