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Technically not a birthday present but since we made plans on my birthday to travel late this summer to Minneapolis and the North Shore, I’m going to consider it a present for me!

When we lived in Minneapolis, one of my favorite trips was visiting the North Shore of Lake Superior. I think these photos were from our first trip there. I’m really looking forward to going back for a visit.

I couldn’t remember what year we’d gone up there so one thing I really like about Google Photos is that I can zoom in on a location on a map and find digital photos that I took there. That’s how I found these! 2 minutes searching rather than digging through years of photos!


  1. These pictures really show the beauty of the North Shore. I think I’ve been there once but it was a drive by and we should have stopped. Great pictures.

  2. Thanks for the tip on finding photos! My husband just retired and we hope to do some traveling too. I am still working but can take a week off here and there. I plan to retire in the next year or two. I went to high school and my first year of college (UND) in Grand Forks ND. I would enjoy visiting Minnesota. Actually, I would love to be there for a blizzard. I kind of miss them!

  3. Looks like heaven to me! I spent childhood summers 100 miles north of Duluth, on Lake Vermilion. It was my happy place, and one that still brings a sense of peace even now, when I see pictures of the area. I’ll imagine myself a mouse in your pocket while you enjoy your visit!

  4. We live in Minnesota and love doing the North Shore drive. When our children were young, we did a lot of camping in the State Parks along Lake Superior and on the Gunflint Trail out of Grand Marias. Lots of good memories. It’s fun to hear that you enjoy coming back.

  5. Wow! You ahve not changed at all in 15 years according to those 2007 photos! Happy Birthday!

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