This is the 2nd of 4 waiting for binding after being quilted this week and it’s done. It’s another one of the HeartStrings tops sent by AnnG.

I’d planned to piece some quilt backs tonight too but I’m running out of steam so I’m going to read a while and then see if I can actually get some sleep tonight.


  1. I love seeing these colourful scrappy quilts – this looks good with that binding. I’m a light sleeper and prefer when it’s cool/colder so I can snuggle under the covers; not when it’s warmer/hot and you have the covers on/off all night. Hope you got some good restful sleep 🙂

  2. This scrappy looks a little different than the others due to the way the blocks are placed. I really like it, something draws my eye looking over it. Hope you get some sleep. I’m a gal who is an early riser but I love staying up at night too. My body tells me to go to bed at 10pm every night. Darn!

  3. I’ve started listening to sleep stories on the Calm app to help me fall asleep. I’m surprised by how effective this is.

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