Suzanne’s Star top is finished. I hand stitched the binding down and I’m caught up – 6 quilted so far and all 6 are bound. Tomorrow I’ll start on #7.

A couple people asked about the pattern for this one and I did email Suzanne and ask but she doesn’t remember if she used a pattern … she wrote:

I loved that border fabric and made the center from scraps to match it. I never finished it because I didn’t like the big white areas. During the pandemic l pulled out all my ufo-s and did an inventory. Ugh! 40! Anyway, I added the appliquéd stars to the muslin areas and suddenly the quilt came to life! I guess the top just needed a timeout before it could finally be “finished.”


  1. A very pretty quilt with the stars added. I agree that it might have been too plain without them. You are on a roll getting them quilted and bound, yahoo!

  2. It is a lovely quilt. Certainly, a lot of work went into making it with all the appliqued stars. I like it. Your group makes fabulous quilts.

  3. I love the quilt. Would be possible to let us know what size the blocks are and the template for the stars. It would make a great quilt of valor in red, white and blue. Theresa

  4. The border is cute, but those stars really took the quilt top to a whole ‘nother level!! Nice choice for the binding, Mary. Congrats on being “caught up” and best of luck on quilt number 7!!

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