Quilted and bound

I was racing against the storm this afternoon getting this one quilted but I made it. I don’t use the longarm or sewing machines when there’s lightning in the area.

This is my scrappy Easy Flock of Geese quilt. It’s a UFO from last year and I’ve made this one a few times. The link above will take you to some brief instructions on my website. It’s #8 of 12+ to be quilted by the end of July

Quilted with the pantograph Apollo.


  1. I just wish my HST were as beautiful as yours. This quilt really shows your sharp points. I guess I better not try it !$

  2. I love this one you made, thinking about trying it with some homespun fabrics. You certainly inspire many of us. Thanks for all you do for people.

  3. Earlier this spring we had a thunderstorm – I unplugged two machines. The mid arm is only plugged in when using. Lightening got us lost an old tv and my electric blanket. Now I unplug daily, plus like you I don’t sew during stormy weather.

  4. My flock of geese turned out well except I misjudged colors in my ombre attempt. You make beautiful and simple quilts. Now I need to work on color theory.

  5. This is a winner for sure. I can see this being a design you could do over and over again. Beautiful.

  6. We live in the lightning belt of Japan so I’m constantly running to unplug my sewing machine. And when I’m away for any length of time I put the sewing machine on the floor as we are constantly having earthquakes too! My sewing machine lives in a dangerous part of the world!

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