I’m home but … after I left this morning to return home I was told that Mom and I were exposed to COVID yesterday. I’m vaccinated and boosted so I don’t have to isolate but masks are required the next 10 days … including at home and of course, that means I will not sleep upstairs with Keith.

I know there’s always risk when you get out there but the exposure was avoidable and that’s very disappointing. I’m praying Mom stays well.


  1. Really bad luck Mary. Hoping neither you nor your mum come down with it. If you do, act quickly to get the antivirals that are available to high risk groups. Hugs to you both.

  2. It is a very sneaky virus Mary. My BIL has been at home with a broken leg for the past 8 weeks, and neither ge nor his wife have been anywhere except to the hospital to have the cast changed. Everyone was masked, but they both have developed COVID. They are also vacccinated and double boosted. It doesn’t make sense, but I guess nothing is 100
    5 guaranteed when we talk about this virus

  3. Sorry that happened. Hopefully no one catches COVID and so glad you are isolating. I worry every time we head out because people tend to isolate only after a positive test. An attitude that could hurt others but either in ignorance or self importance. You can only control you. Thanks for isolating.

  4. I hope you both stay well. Glad you are vaccinated and boosted. Me too! I stayed away from a couple of friends with poor health after traveling last week – just in case I had been exposed and didn’t know it.

  5. Wishing you and your Mum a C*v*d free isolation period. I’ve had 4 jabs but still wear a mask when out and always hand wash when I get home. Some people forget it’s not just air-borne and don’t wash their hands etc. Love your bed quilt 🙂

  6. My friend’s husband got it and passed it to several people despite everyone being vaccinated. It’s such a nasty virus. Hope you and yours stay well. Love that quilt on the bed, so striking.

  7. We also have been exposed. I’m following CDC guidelines. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. I’m supposed to go to a family reunion in July, so we’ll see what happens. I’m going to take extra precautions until then. Best wishes for you.

  8. Hopefully you and yours manage to avoid getting sick! Hydrate! Saline nose spray!

    We spent the first 1/2 of June sick, testing positive and isolating. I got the anti-virals that have to be started in the first couple days and I think that might have made a big difference. Neither of us was terribly sick (thank you vaccines and boosters), just miserable and tired for a week, and the really good news is that we didn’t pass it on to any of the potentially vulnerable people we were could have exposed unknowingly prior to getting symptoms. The kicker is that we have no idea where we could have been exposed. Its a mystery!


  9. Ugh, I am hearing of so many people getting covid with quite bad symptoms even after one or two boosts. I’ve also read on blogs and on you tube that people who have had vaccinations and boosters have had covid a few months ago and are getting it again.
    I hope that you dodge this, and especially your mother.

  10. Home you and your mom are still well. I was staying with my mom to give my sister a break when my sister came down with Covid and went home to her house. The next day my mom came down with it and I was with her for a week. I spent a full week wearing a mask all the time including when I slept and I never came down with it. Good luck.

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