Holiday weekend

We’re having a quiet holiday weekend. My brother had planned to come visit before Mom and I were exposed to COVID but we decided we’d reschedule for another time so it’s just me and Keith with no real plans. I’ve been working on the string blocks and should get that top finished tomorrow or Monday depending on how much I end up sewing.

I’m still masking inside and sleeping downstairs until tomorrow night … but we have been getting outside some. We had lunch by the lake yesterday and then I got a walk in and today we walked around the meadows. The deer were out and about and were too busy eating to be bothered to run away from us as we passed by.

The Tour de France started yesterday so of course we’re watching that and there’s some knitting going on too.

I ordered a 16 cubby shelf and it arrived yesterday afternoon. Keith borrowed a dolly from the neighbor and brought it down today – it’s heavy! I’ll get it assembled sometime this coming week but I want to finish the string top first.


  1. I hope you’ll share about putting the cubbies together. Seeing real people do projects encourages me to tackle mine. Right now I want to order a screen door which fits inside an exterior door and zips closed. It’s the only type allowed at my apt. complex. I miss having fresh air. I do enjoy reading your posts about quilting, crafts, and family.

  2. it’s a nonholiday here as well…most of them are…with no family around except my daughter and SIL who often work holidays, i crossed them all off my calendar…sometimes even christmas and thanksgiving…glad i have wonderful memories of family group holidays in years gone by…

  3. DH and I are having a quiet holiday weekend this year…a little bbq-ing, a Chinese take out and mostly
    relaxing–a little walk here and there…thankful for what we have on this 4th of July weekend–hope you get better soon…hugs, Julierose

  4. A quiet weekend here but we probably will see fireworks from our deck tomorrow evening, we live so close to St Louis. My cubbies are 8 and quite heavy too. I like them a great deal and I label my baskets with a non stick-forever label. I also used yellow baskets for yellow fabrics, etc. It works. I need to make some strip quilts, I have drawers full of strips.

  5. I hope both your mom and you have NOT developed any Covid symptoms. Enjoy a relaxing holiday weekend with Keith.

  6. Hope that you and your mom stay well – my husband tested positive with no symptoms so its tricky to know when to declare that all is well! I am trying to beat back the tide of strips by making some log cabin type squares – the people next door have a new baby so that may be a reason to keep going with them! I suspect there are enough strips for twins if not triplets.


  7. I hope you have better luck with your unit than I did with my first one, Mary! The corner of the box was mangled. I hoped beyond hope that it was only just the box that had been damaged. Alas, that wasn’t the case and the storage cubes had to be exchanged for another set.

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