This sweet little top of Mom’s is quilt #13 … just 5 more to go to hit my goal. I’ll do 3 next week and 2 the following week just before we travel again. Mom will bind this one herself but I did trim it for her.

Pantograph is Dear Heart

This also happened today … everything went together fairly easily until I went to put the top and bottom on … Keith came downstairs and helped hold things together while I put the last few screws in and then helped move it to the nook.

I’m not sure if I’m going to add more of the bins or leave the shelves open for fabric and kits … as I transition scraps into the cubbies bins I’ll decide. Obviously, this won’t hold all the stash but I’m just trying to improve the scrap storage right now and we’ll go from there.


  1. It’s hard to know the best way to hold our fabrics. I have 4 of the bins holding just blue fabrics. I have 2 closets full of book shelves plus other cabinets and bookshelves in my sewing room. Obviously I have way more than I need, but for now, I’m keeping it. I love to look in magazines when they highlight a designers sewing room and everything is just so neat, looking like a quilt store. I try and that’s all I’m going to say.

  2. The 🐘 quilt is so cute!
    Your sewing room makeover will be so nice when you are finished.

  3. That’s double the size of the one I got. You should be able to put lots of stuff in there, Mary! It should to go a long way toward making the room feel less chaotic, as well. Happy organizing!

  4. That looks terrific! I like the combination of bins and open shelves. I have 2 of these in my sewing room – but one is a 4 square version and the other has 6 squares.

  5. You are so multi talented! I should move on from my bin of plastic bag holding various colors scraps….maybe next month.


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