Ready for sashing

I finished sewing the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks and got them up on the design wall today.

The sashing fabric has been chosen and the cornerstones cut too!

I don’t know if I will sew any tomorrow, I’ve got a dentist appointment and a bunch of errands to run. Tuesday, I’ll start quilting – I want to get 3 quilted and bound this week. If all goes as planned I might get to assembling this one on Friday.


  1. Very pretty!! My string quilt with blocks done like this is currently draped over the recliner in the family room. My husband likes the AC set on “frigid” so I keep a quilt handy all summer. I love my string quilt, which was inspired by one of yours.

  2. That is going to be SO pretty! As Bunny mentioned, there’s a maverick purple block I there…I love it when that happens to someone besides me! Cant wait to see it finished. Love the dotty sashing fabric, too!

  3. I didn’t notice the maverick until it was pointed out. Love all the colors. You’ve been quite busy. And your new cubby stash holder will get good use.

  4. I’m sure the ‘rogue’ block is doing what it’s meant to do – singing out and proud 🙂

  5. I love how bright and happy this quilt is. The sashing is a great choice! Don’t you wish you could see the smile it’s going to bring to someone’s face when it finds it’s new home?

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