I love watching the deer in the yard but it’s terrible seeing this injured one. I think it’s the same doe I’ve been watching for a while… the first time I saw her she appeared pregnant and was limping slightly … the limp got a lot worse and the other day I noticed the swollen left front knee….and you can see her baby is nearby too. I hope they both stay safe.


  1. Could you call a veterinarian(?} or maybe a ranger or something similar, who would come out to the poor animal.

  2. I have a love hate relationship with nature. Such wonders and such sadness. There is a colony of black skimmers nearby that lost about a third of its members in a rain storm earlier this year. This weekend we were greeted with a couple of dead chick’s. I was taking pictures of lots of healthy young chick’s but the 2 dead ones haunted me. It was just after a storm and and all of the birds were hungry with babies loudly protesting their hunger. They really fish best in calm seas.

  3. I have a deer with that exact leg issue. It’s been about 4 years and except for a major limp, she does quite well. It sure hurts to see them like that!

  4. Poor Mother deer – it does look painful. What a beautiful baby deer – love the colouring on it’s back <3

  5. Poor thing! But her baby does look healthy. We haven’t seen any deer for about 2 weeks, and have seen no fawns at all this year so far. That always makes me worry that we have mountain lions in the area again.

  6. It doesn’t take long to get attached to an animal even from a distance. It must be hard watching her struggle and not being able to help.

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