This is #14 of 18 to be quilted by the end of July … I’m making good progress! It’s extremely rare for a top to go straight from the design wall to the longarm but I had the right colored thread on the machine and the next one up needed a backing pieced. Pantograph is Leafy Love.

The binding is already on and ready for hand stitching but Keith is out of town until Thursday afternoon so I’ll hold off on hand stitching the tops quilted this week until he is back – Finn insists on sitting with me and there’s not enough room for me to maneuver the quilt around him!

In the meantime, I’ll knit in the evenings. I was very disappointed in this skein of yarn … It’s been in the Stash for several years and was wound by the on-line store when I bought it … for some reason it was a tangled mess! It’s an expensive skein of yarn and I’m hesitant to trash it so I took the needles off the cable and have set it aside in case I have the patience to try again to untangle it in the future. I pulled another skein this evening and will start over.


  1. Very nice panto to highlight the quilt.

    The wool is nice and I always dislike paying extra to get less. If the store is normally a good one maybe an employee had a very bad day. You are generally very productive so I doubt it will ever be cost effective to untangle a skein of yarn that is badly tangled but who knows. In my life it wouldn’t be worth the stress involved in rewinding the yarn, but only you know the answer.

  2. Nice quilt and lovely pantograph. Is that another “Nice Stitch” cowl I see? Beautiful yarn even if tangled- and I get the frustration.

  3. The yarn is such a pretty color, so I can imagine it’s frustrating to have a tangled mess. I love the colors in this string quilt, as well as the arrangement of the blocks in the squares.

  4. Sorry for the tangled mess of yarn. Looks like whoever wound it didn’t take their time. I hope you’re able to detangle it.

  5. Untangling can either be a frustration or a challenge… The yarn is too pretty not to spend some time with all the knots!

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