#15 of 18 was quilted today and has been trimmed and is ready for binding. Pantograph is Raindrops. The pattern is Beaded Lanterns and it’s a free Jelly roll quilt.

Mom made a version with a dark background a couple years ago.

I hope you’re not tired of deer photos … this one was just sitting under a tree when I took Finn out to go potty … he didn’t see her (or he would have barked or growled) and she just sat there and watched us.

I love that they feel so comfortable in the yard that they sit down and relax! They like sitting by the steps in the back. I think the first one in the video below is pregnant …


  1. Great quilts. I love seeing the deer. Here in CT you need to be aware that they can transmit ticks to your yard. Because we have a dog (Karlin) we have the yard sprayed for ticks with an organic spray.

  2. She was swishing her tail to the beats of the music haha. Never noticed the second deer on the right until 3rd viewing 🙂

    • Loved the quilts of course and your Mum’s look like jewels / Moroccan-ish style 🙂

  3. I thought babies would be born earlier in the year. Now I’m curious and need to find out.

  4. Ticks every where carry disease so all pets should be protected but since I know you are a thoughtful dog owner I am positive you are doing everything necessary to accept responsibility for Finn

  5. Love seeing all the quilts you come up with. You have a wonderful sense of color and design. Regarding the deer, In my state we have a game department that we call when we see a sick or hurt animal. Perhaps your state has something similar and could help.

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