Something to knit by

Finn’s not too interested but I love knitting and watching sporting events … July is always set aside for the Tour! I should be working on the corner to corner blanket but somehow my downstairs project made it’s way upstairs!


  1. Our dog (who looks like a less tidy version of Finn) definitely recognizes baseball game background noise and hustles into the room to lap sit with whoever is watching. We think she is a fan.


  2. Funny to hear you say that your downstairs project made its way upstairs, Mary. Not long after I started knitting, I decided that I would have an upstairs project, a downstairs projects, and a travel project. It worked for a while before they began to migrate. :o))

  3. My projects always migrate around the house. I like to do handwork and watch sports or movies.

  4. Been watching the Tour, too. Those mountain days wear me out! The strength and stamina those guys have is amazing. I love seeing the areas they ride through and it gives me a chance to sit down and work on my wool appliqué projects.

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